At the Rubgy

Hi Guys, Its Ted again… We have not travelled very far at all today but have ended up watching a very special game on the TV… here I am singing the National Anthem standing next to the England Rugby team just as they start the game in Paris to hopefully win the Six Nations 2016.
I think tomorrow is a packing day as I have heard a rumour we are about to set off on an amazing trip. Not sure where yet so watch this space ……



Hi Guys,
Here I am on my second trip.. it’s been a well early start today and we have come to a place in Leicester called Cropston Reservoir, this is me sitting on the wall chilling out, it’s just me a few ducks.
The ducks have been checking me out asking what I am up to, I have told them I am on a special mission for The Laura Centre and this is the second trip, they are going to spread the word about my mission and hopefully find me a few sponsors along the way.. More next time Ted xxx