Off to Dubai

It was a very quiet day yesterday but we are all ready now for our Big trip, we are off to DUBAI 😊😊😊
We are leaving shortly for the airport, another new experience for me and we shall arrive in Dubai just before midnight , sounds like a long time to me and we have to go on something called an aeroplane not sure what one of those it just yet but I will keep you posted…. this is my furthest journey yet for TLC keep watching my blog and I will let you know how it goes… Keep sponsoring me too we need to support TLC too. Donate Here.

At the Rubgy

Hi Guys, Its Ted again… We have not travelled very far at all today but have ended up watching a very special game on the TV… here I am singing the National Anthem standing next to the England Rugby team just as they start the game in Paris to hopefully win the Six Nations 2016.
I think tomorrow is a packing day as I have heard a rumour we are about to set off on an amazing trip. Not sure where yet so watch this space ……



Hi Guys,
Here I am on my second trip.. it’s been a well early start today and we have come to a place in Leicester called Cropston Reservoir, this is me sitting on the wall chilling out, it’s just me a few ducks.
The ducks have been checking me out asking what I am up to, I have told them I am on a special mission for The Laura Centre and this is the second trip, they are going to spread the word about my mission and hopefully find me a few sponsors along the way.. More next time Ted xxx